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The Brand

BarraccO Watches are the result of a long-standing passion for mechanics, and horology.

After an extensive career working in the industry, and later in business strategy consulting, Tommaso Barracco, the creator of BarraccO Watches decided to indulge his passion for watches. In June 2011, after a two-year training program at the Lycée Diderot, Tommaso obtained a Certificate of Professional Competence (CAP) in watchmaking.

During his training, Tommaso was inspired to conceive his own watch, a unique timepiece of the highest quality. Very quickly, Tommaso’s personal aspiration became a driven professional pursuit, with one single commitment: he wanted to give everyone the opportunity to own a unique watch, styled to personal liking, creating perfect harmony between style and lifestyle.

In 2013, Tommaso realizes his aspirations by creating a collection of watches. These superb watches are the start, not the end, of Tommaso’s journey through the imagination, design and development of original timepieces.

This first collection of 300 individual watches id composed by four distinct models, each with an implicit soul and a purpose, each with a story to tell.  From the four distinct models, a unique personal style is derived, through the customization according to the taste and lifestyle of the customers. BarraccO Watches have been created trough the cooperation with the leading industry professionals, with an enduring concern and rigor for technical, functional and aesthetic excellence.

Each timepiece carries the values of the BarraccO brand: Uniqueness, Simplicity, Readability, Reliability, and High Quality.

Through individual consultation with each client, a close relationship is established, ensuring that each Watch is perfectly in tune with client’s requirements and expectations.

The choice of the the customizations is are defined during a first meeting, then the Watch is then assembled by hand and tested by experienced watchmakers in Switzerland according to the client specifications. The watch is delivered three weeks later.


 Tommaso Barracco is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pisa. He also holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from HEC, and a Certificate of Professional Competence (CAP) in watchmaking, from the Lycée Diderot in Paris. Early in his career Tommaso worked in the industry before joining the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) where he spent nearly 30 years, working for large groups in consumer goods and services. Tommaso is a member of several corporate Boards.